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Mobile Studies Series
Edited by Xiaoge Xu (Editor-in-Chief)
Assisted by Tingting Shen, Chenxiang Ji, and Zenan Chen (assistant editors)

As an emerging field of research, mobile studies has been conducted globally across disciplines for close to two decades. Research results have been published but scattered in different journals of different disciplines, chapters and books. No book series, however, has been published under the name of mobile studies to represent the best advances of this new field of research. To fill the gap, as the editor-in-chief, I would like to invite you to contribute a chapter or a volume to my new book series with the title of Mobile Studies Series (MSS).

You can choose any specific topic related to mobile studies, such as mobile media, mobilities, mobile communication, mobile government studies, mobile journalism studies, mobile advertising studies, mobile marketing studies, mobile learning studies, mobile health studies, mobile health communication studies, mobile entertainment studies, mobile music studies, mobile gaming studies, mobile content studies, mobile copyrights studies, etc. The objective of each volume is to present the most recent and best advances in a specific research area of mobile studies. The overall objective of this series is to offer the most recent and important advances in all areas of mobile studies.  

Each volume is structured according to the general structure of this series. Each volume should start with introduction from the volume editor, offering an overview of research advances and contributions of the subfield of mobile studies. Each volume can have up to 16 chapters excluding introduction and conclusion. Each chapter should be capped in around 5000 words. Each chapter should contain an overview or introduction,  key advances and contributions, and conclusions. Each chapter should be accompanied by key terms, references and suggested further readings. 

The following slides give you a glimpse of what this series is largely about and what it looks like. You are more than welcome and strongly encouraged to collaborate with me as a volume editor/co-editor or a chapter contributor. For enquiries, please write to me now and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  

Glass Buildings

City Mobile Storytelling: Stories from China

Edited by Xiaoge Xu

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