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Mobile News Storytelling Competition 2021

Call for Submissions

Mobile Studies Congress 2021 invites submissions to its annual Mobile News Storytelling Competition. The competition aims to groom mobile journalists and enhance mobile news storytelling. 



Topics include, not limited to, the following: local, national, global efforts in leveraging mobile for any one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals or any story worth telling for your target local, regional, national or global audience. 



  1. You should report, write, produce, and edit your news story on your mobile device.

  2. Selection criteria include the news values of the topic, the appropriateness of storytelling elements, and the potential impact of the story.  

  3. Use to design and deliver your mobile news story. 

  4. Mobile Studies Congress will issue certificates of awards to winners of top 10 mobile news stories.

  5. Mobile Studies International will announce the selected top 10 news stories on its website. 



Story submission: 15 October 2021

Announcement of Winners: 15 November 2021




Submit your mobile news story link (either or together with your bio with your email subject line of “Mobile News Storytelling Competition 2021” to


For further information, please contact Dr Gloria Khamkar at


Dr Gloria Khamkar


Mobile News Storytelling Competition Committee

MNSC members: 

Gloria Khamkar, chair/judge 

Tingting Shen, coordinator/judge 

Max Schleser, judge 

Qumo Ren, judge

Xiaoge Xu, judge


Institute for Mobile Studies (IMS), China

Mobile Studies International (MSI), Singapore  

Mobile Innovation Network & Association (MINA), Australia 

Bournemouth University, UK

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