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Our Workshops

We offer on-demand and customized workshops online or offline to meet the changing needs of different industries, individuals and institutions. 

Mobile Enhancement Workshops

We offer on-demand and customized mobile enhancement workshops (MEW) online or offline on how to enhance mobile communication in various areas or aspects of our living and working in this ever changing mobile world. 


Mobile Experience Workshops

Mobile Experience Workshops (MEW) is designed to update your knowledge, upgrade your skills, upsize your resources, and upscale connections in mobile industries through three sessions of intensive and comprehensive case-based and solution-oriented training. Our focus lies in mapping, measuring and modelling mobile experience in different areas of mobile experience respectively. After completing this course, you will be in a much better position to lead your company up to another level of excellence. You will become a lifetime member of Mobile Studies International (MSI) on top of being issued an MEW Certificate from MSI.


Mobile Studies Workshops

Our mobile storytelling workshops are designed to offer advice on how to conduct their mobile research projects and get their findings published.  


Mobile Storytelling Workshops

Our mobile storytelling workshops cover village storytelling, city storytelling, nation storytelling, corporate storytelling, news storytelling, health storytelling, individual storytelling, and institutional storytelling. Contact us now to schedule a workshop for you. 

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