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Mobile Experience Lab

Mobile experience refers to both a process and a consequence of an interaction between a mobile user and a mobile content, service or idea. It consists of six indicators. They are enticement, entertainment, engagement, empowerment, enlightenment, and enhancement. They also constitute six stages of a mobile experience. They are shaped by a mobile user's connectivity, curiosity, consumption, competitiveness and creativity. There exists a gap between what a mobile user expects to have and what he or she actually obtains in terms of mobile experience. To map, measure and model mobile experience in different areas of mobile communication is our key mission at Mobile Experience Lab.

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Mapping ...

Mapping mobile experience in different areas including parenting, dating, learning, gaming, chatting, social networking, filming, and photography through mixed methods


Measuring ...

Mobile experience can be measured at six stages, i.e. enticed, entertained, engaged, empowered, enlightened, and enhanced. Furthermore, the gap between the normative and empirical mobile experience has also to be constantly measured. Experiments are to be conducted using different measurements. Results are to be triangulated.

Creative people brainstorming in meeting

Modelling ...

The results of measuring mobile experience at different stages have to be properly described, explained and predicted. Hypotheses are to be tested among identified variables to locate correlations and patterns.

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