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Our Team

Our Staff

Our staff include our managing directors of our regional institutes, managing directors of research projects, and managing directors of Mobile Studies Congress and Mobile Storytelling Symposium, Mobile Studies Summer School, and Mobile Studies Workshops. 

Our Advisors

Our advisors are globally well-known scholars from different disciplines who share our passion in promoting, conducting and enhancing mobile studies to mentor us in our global operation.

Our Research Fellows

Our research fellows consist of both seasoned scholars and rising stars in their respective research areas related to mobile studies. Invited from universities or research institutions around the world, they are non-salaried and non-resident but project-based. They participate in solo or joint research projects on a regular basis.

Our Researchers

Our researchers are postgraduate students invited from around the world. They are our next generation of scholars being guided and mentored through participating in our various projects in our different regional institutes or in different countries.  

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