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Mobile Storytelling Symposium

Call for Submissions

Mobile storytelling has become increasingly popular and powerful globally, be it a family story or a news story. Every year, mobile stories are shared in different languages and in different formats across time and space, attracting readers, viewers, and listeners of all age groups from around the world. What are the changes, challenges, and chances in mobile storytelling? What are the best practices in mobile storytelling? How to leverage the latest technological advances to enhance mobile storytelling?

To address these questions and more, Mobile Studies International (MSI) has launched an annual event for mobile storytellers worldwide: Mobile Storytelling Symposium (MSS). Consisting of workshops, competitions, and panels, the symposium aims to promote mobile storytelling for better communication in different areas ranging from community and civic engagement to new forms of storytelling, creativity and developments towards story making  and/or storyliving.

MSS is scheduled to be held virtually on 13-15 November every year in collaboration with Institute for Mobile Studies, University of Nottingham Ningbo China. It invites mobile storytellers from around the world to share their stories of the following themes: 1. mobile film storytelling, 2. mobile photo storytelling, 3. mobile audio storytelling, 4. mobile video storytelling, 5. mobile immersive storytelling, 6. mobile news storytelling, 7. mobile SDGs storytelling, 8. mobile marketing storytelling, 9. mobile education storytelling, 10. mobile health storytelling, 11. mobile tourism storytelling, 12. mobile parenting storytelling, 13. city mobile storytelling, 14. village mobile storytelling, and 15. nation mobile storytelling.

Please send your submissions to 


The inaugural International Mobile Storytelling Congress (IMSC) was held on 17-19 January 2020. From 2021 onwards, IMSC is changed to MSS to be held as part of Mobile Studies Congress. 

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