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Mobile Studies Africa

Affiliated with Mobile Studies International, Mobile Studies Africa (MSA) is an academic community to connect professors, practitioners and policy-makers as well as postgraduate and undergraduate students of all disciplines from African countries to promote, conduct and enhance mobile studies in the region. MSA invites selected African scholars to serve as project-based research fellows and researchers. We have internship and volunteer positions for invited students. Every year, MSA has its Africa-specific forums, workshops, conferences, symposiums, competitions under the umbrella of MSI annual events of Mobile Studies Summer School, Mobile Studies Congress, Mobile Storytelling Symposium. African scholars are also invited to contribute to Mobile Studies Series, Mobile Studies Journal, and Mobile Studies Workshops. For more information, please contact us

Ms. Basuti Gerty Bolo

Managing Director of Mobile Studies Africa

Members of Mobile Studies Africa

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Basuti Gerty BoLo

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M Ouessar

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James Doe

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